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Q: Do I need to refrigerate my Lyfe Blends Nut Butters?

A: There is no need to refrigerate Lyfe Blends products. Our products taste best when stored in a cool, dark place.  For example: pantries, desks, gym bags and backpacks are all fine. Take them everywhere!


Q: My peanut butter products seem a bit oily, why?

A: The natural oils from the organic peanuts will rise to the top while at rest. Simply knead the pouch a bit and it will mix in. You can even open the top to pour a bit of oil out and knead from there. Boom...ready to rock!


Q: I left my Lyfe Blends performance peanut butter in the car and it was a very hot day. It turned into liquid, is it bad now?

A: Of course not! If it was just for a day, no problem. All Lyfe Blends products are very stable and have a good threshold for heat. Just put it in the fridge for a while and it will come right back to life.


Q: What is the shelf life of Lyfe Blends nut butters?

A: If sealed, products will last 1 year from their manufacturing date. You can locate this on the seal line of each pouch along the back side.


Q: Once I open my products, how long are they good for at room temperature?

A: We recommend consuming the pouch within two weeks for maximum freshness and the best possible experience. 


Q: Are your products non-GMO?

A: Yes, all Lyfe Blends nut butters are made with non-GMO ingredients.


Q: Do you use any organic foods in the Lyfe Blends products?

A: YES! We most certainly use organic ingredients, check out the ingredient list for yourself!


Q: Why do you use palm oil in your nut butters? 

A: We use palm oil in our products (at very low levels) for a better customer experience. The sustainably-sourced palm fruit oil will stabilize the product and help with “oiling out” or product separation. The palm oil enables you to quickly kneed the pouch and it's ready to enjoy!


Q: Do you use any fractionated or hydrogenated oils?

A: No way! We use a small amount of sustainably-sourced natural palm oil and that’s it!


Q: Are all of your products vegetarian?

A: Yes! Our food products are vegetarian! 


Q: Are Lyfe Blends products all certified gluten-free?

A: Yes! Get your performance without the worry of gluten!


Q: Are your products soy free?

A: None of our peanut butters contain soy or soy-derived products. 


Q: Are your products dairy free?

A: None of our products contain dairy or dairy-derived products.